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Since its establishment in 1983, PARTURE has been focused in the design and development, production and export

of various types of global gift boxes, watches, cufflinks, health care jewelry ... etc.. 

Companies set up factories to invest more than $ 10 million, covering an area of ​​more than 1 million square feet, 

more than 1,000 personnel, in addition to the production of  OEM , there ODM and OBM , truly integrated production

and sales. Since the 1990s creation of the brand PARTURE, the products have been exported to

Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Japan has become a well-known brand. 

Over the course of the coming years, the company will invest more resources to develop our own patented technology - 

fashion health products, direct expansion of the company in this competitive market, 

while the company was founded more brands will increase the different types

of own design product promotion sales. 

We will provide the best service and highest quality products in exchange for your trust and

establish long - term friendly cooperative partnership. 

Advanced production equipment, professional and technical personnel,

a good reputation that is the best way to return a majority of our customer support. 

PARTURE Welcome You!





公 司 簡 介


自成立於 1983 年,達爵一直專注從事設計及開發,生產和出口全球各類型禮品盒,手錶,袖扣,保健手飾 … .



公司自設廠房投資超過 1 千萬美元,佔地面積超過 100 萬平方尺,人員超過 1000 人,除生產 OEM 外,還有 ODM   OBM


真正做到生產及銷售一體化。我們自 90 年代創立品牌 PARTURE,產品已遠銷東南亞,歐美,於日本已成為知名品牌。



配合時代的發展,公司將投入更多資源開發我們所擁有的專利技術 - 時尚保健產品,直此擴大公司在市場的競爭力,










達 爵 歡迎你 !